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Video tutorial Of the signpost of administration
From the year 2000 work in the design of dynamic web pages, giving...
We charge less because we have created a system that does web pages profesion...
We study your  needs and created you several proposals of design, s...
In brief our system will allow that when updating your web page also...

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Web design aColor
Diseño de paginas web con aColorAcolor  Is born in the year 2005, although our beginnings were in the year 2000 like  BuscaPrat, a commercial guide that offers to his clients the possibility to administer his ads by means of a signpost of administration.
We spend more than ten years knowing the real needs of our clients, therefore we know very which are his problems to the hour to update his space in internet.

In the year 2008 with the start of the crisis, decide to work in a system that created web pages of a fast and easy way to administer for the user/to, of this way could offer some really economic prices.

Nowadays our agent of contents (CMS) is able to create any type of web page, from the simplest to the most complex. The capacity of information that go up to the web is boundless, so many galleries of images, listed of news, catalogues, sections, etc.
We created you the web to measure, go up the first information and teach you the easy that is to do it one same.

The web pages grow according to the needs of the client offering him a signpost of administration to update the content from any computer with connection to internet. A signpost of easy control to administer and where the client has of the last improvements, by what the system never will remain obsolete. We can do you also the pagina in facebook and that synchronise with your web, or vice versa, of this way only have to go up the information in an alone place.  

Acolor Is a company where concern us by our clients, grow little by little but with firm steps, do not offer easy services to sell but services that do not give problems.

We are a squad of professionals that do that the small and medium enterprises (SMEs),can have his space in internet of an economic way but at the same time totally professional.

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