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Labour clothes gardening and rubbishes

Wardrobe, uniform and equipación labour for companies and corporate entities. Pieces thought to cover the functional and technical needs of each worker in his respective places of work.

Uniforms and wardrobe for professions like basureros, personnel of maintenance or gardeners and linked with activities related with the cleansing, hygiene, rubbishes and maintenance of installations.

Wholesail for companies, organisations and communities of articles of textile labour and professional wardrobe.

It take into account that in this section only present some samples of our catalogue of textile labour and that exists variety in models, combinations and colours.

We customise labour pieces with his corporate image and of mark and offer professional advice, graphic support and of design chord to his needs of company.

It can utlizar the mega-searcher to look for more articles of the same or of other categories.
For more information, estimates or prices, can put in contact with us through our Form of Contact or through the following email
Ropa laboral jardinería y basuras - Parka bicolor con bandas reflectantes

Parka bicolor with reflective bands

Parka Ref. 89-RSARTAVKP
Ropa laboral jardinería y basuras - Sudadera de cuello alto y bandas reflectantes

Sweatshirt of tall collar and reflective bands

Sweatshirt Ref. 89-RSAORAVUS
Ropa laboral jardinería y basuras - Polar bicolor con bandas retroreflectantes

Polar bicolor with bands retroreflectantes

Polar Ref. 89-RSRIAAVPF
Ropa laboral jardinería y basuras - Chaleco bicolor con bandas e interior polar

Waistcoat bicolor with bands and polar interior

Waistcoat Ref. 89-RSGIHAVHC
Ropa laboral jardinería y basuras - Polo naranja con bandas de material retroreflectante

Polo orange with bands of material retroreflectante

Polo Ref. 89-RSIUBAVOP
Ropa laboral jardinería y basuras - Delantal largo con peto para jardinería

Long apron with peto for gardening

Apron Ref. 89-RSEVOAVED
Ropa laboral jardinería y basuras - Cinturón en tejido resistente y hebilla metálica

Belt in resistant tissue and metallic buckle

Belt Ref. 89-RSORBAVNC
Ropa laboral jardinería y basuras - Pantalón A.V. con bandas y cintura de goma con cordón

Trousers To.V. With bands and waist of rubber with cord

Trousers Ref. 89-RSIRBAVAP
Ropa laboral jardinería y basuras - Pantalón multibolsillo de alta visibilidad

Trousers multibolsillo of tall visibility

Trousers Ref. 89-RSARTAVAP
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