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Functional labour clothes

Comfortable and functional clothes for the toil and pieces for a better mobility in the work.
Jackets, trousers and other pieces to do easier the work of outside.

Pieces developed with technical material, adjusted and elastic that favour the movement and guarantee the best corporal temperature to be able to obtain a maximum labour performance.

It take into account that in this section only present some samples of our catalogue of textile labour and that exists variety in models, combinations and colours.

For more information, estimates or prices, can put in contact with us through our Form of Contact or through the following email
Ropa laboral funcional - Ropa interior para una mejor movilidad

Underwear for a better mobility

Boxer Ref. 94-RS4053
Ropa laboral funcional - Pantalones de interior protección contra el frío

Trousers of inner protection against the cold

Trousers Ref. 94-RS5053
Ropa laboral funcional - Pantalón funcional para equipamiento de trabajo

Functional trousers for equipment of work

Trousers Ref. 94-RS0253
Ropa laboral funcional - Camiseta de interior ajustable

T-shirt of adjustable interior

T-shirt Ref. 94-RS5013
Ropa laboral funcional - Micro polo de manga larga

Micro Pole of long sleeve

Micropolo Ref. 94-RS6033
Ropa laboral funcional - Camisetas y polos Active funcional

T-shirts and poles Actuate functional

T-shirt Ref. 94-RS0103
Ropa laboral funcional - Polar con capucha para equipamiento funcional

Polar with hood for functional equipment

Polar Ref. 94-RS4133
Ropa laboral funcional - Chaqueta de mujer para equipamiento laboral

Jacket of woman for labour equipment

Jacket Ref. 94-RS4143
Ropa laboral funcional - Chaquetas con capucha resistente al viento y al agua

Jackets with resistant hood to the wind and to the water

Jacket Ref. 94-RS0143
Sinycon Group · Inicio
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