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Clothes of tall security visibility

Ergonomic products, functional and of quality, developed to cover needs of requirement, special and specific in protection and security. Professional wardrobe thought to protect the health and avert risks derived of the different professional activities.

Squads of personal protection, of security, reflective clothes or of tall visibility. Marked pieces by the CE and according to rules like the IN 471, that determine that colours have to employ or where has to to situate the reflective material.

Equipación Technical that fulfils with the different levels of protection, Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3 and that guarantee the security of the workers in situations in front of the traffic of vehicles, in ports, railways, in the industry, in works of construction, squares of aparcamietno or during the load of vehicles.

It take into account that in this section only present some samples of our catalogue of textile labour and that exists variety in models, combinations and colours.

We offer professional advice, graphic support and of design for the personalización of his pieces in accordance with the image of his company and in accordance with his corporate image and of mark.

For more information, estimates or prices, can put in contact with us through our Form of Contact or through the following email
Ropa de seguridad alta visibilidad - Chaqueta de verano de seguridad Alta Visibilidad

Jacket of summer of Tall security Visibility

Jacket AV Ref. 94-RS0146
Ropa de seguridad alta visibilidad - Chaqueta de seguridad

Jacket of security

Jacket AV Ref. 94-RS9046
Ropa de seguridad alta visibilidad - Parka de seguridad 6en1

Parka Of security 6en1

Parka AV Ref. 94-RS6046
Ropa de seguridad alta visibilidad - Chubasquero largo de seguridad

Long raincoat of security

Raincoat AV Ref. 94-RS304
Ropa de seguridad alta visibilidad - Chaqueta de seguridad resistente al agua y al viento

Jacket of resistant security to the water and to the wind

Jacket AV Ref. 94-RS6646
Ropa de seguridad alta visibilidad - Pantalón impermeable alta visibilidad

Tall waterproof trousers visibility

Trousers AV Ref. 94-RS4056
Ropa de seguridad alta visibilidad - Sudadera con dos bandas reflectantes

Sweatshirt with two reflective bands

Sweatshirt AV Ref. 94-RS1016
Ropa de seguridad alta visibilidad - Chaleco de seguridad con cinturón y bolsillos colgantes

Waistcoat of security with belt and pockets colgantes

Waistcoat AV Ref. 94-RS4076
Ropa de seguridad alta visibilidad - Chalecos de seguridad con y sin bolsillos

Waistcoats of security with and without pockets

Waistcoat AV Ref. 94-RS2076
Ropa de seguridad alta visibilidad - Pantalón multiusos de Alta Visibilidad

Multipurpose trousers of Tall Visibility

Trousers AV 94-RS6656
Ropa de seguridad alta visibilidad - Pantalón de seguridad Clase 1

Trousers of security Class 1

Trousers AV Ref. 94-RS7056
Ropa de seguridad alta visibilidad - Pantalones cortos, bermudas y de pirata de AV

Short trousers, bermudas and of pirate of AV

Trousers AV Ref. 94-RS0156
Ropa de seguridad alta visibilidad - Conjunto de lluvia de alta visibilidad

Set of rain of tall visibility

Conjoint AV Ref. 95-RS33219
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