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The Pack web recommended  
► All the necessary to have a professional web without limitations and by so alone:

Pack Web aColor · 200 € + VAT
The price is annual, includes own command, web hosting, with 100 posts, accounts of ftp, etc. and the system of web pages more advanced of the market. Our system can create from a simple web page until the most complex web page.
So much the web page of as estan done with  our agent of contents.
The web design is much more economic, pay a bit more to the year of hosting, but compensates in the initial costs of the web design since you will save you a lot of money, and in a future any important change that in programming that can spend us hours, with the agent of contents can do it your same in question and minutes.
We follow working in our agent of contents so that it keep on being easy to use and  was in constant evolution.

Design of web pages

Video tutorial Of our signpost of control
Before deciding you by a system of web pages is important to see his operation, in this video tutorial teach you the steps to be followed to do your web page.

Before beginning
All know the important that is to have presence in internet, what in occasions do not have so clear is how do it.
Before doing a web page have to have some clear things.
In this section do you a round-up of the most important:

What need to do a web page?

Choose a command
► Design of your web page
  Web hosting

How do the web page?

 In aColor do two types of dynamic web pages, in both cases can go up the information from a signpost of administration of a simple way, we do the design and go up the first information and teach you to that you same can follow updating it.

Web pages with programming to measure
If have clear how want to do your web page we do you the programming and the design, and will be able to update the information easily. Your web page will go growing as far as have foreseen, create subcategorias, news, etc.
Pages done with our Agent of own contents If have clear how do your web page, but think that in a future can change the structure, this is the best option, we build you the web with the agent of contents, to the not  requiring programming any change is much faster and therefore economic.

Programming to measure or with Agent of contents

The appearance of a custom-made page or with agent of content does not vary, both can be very similar, although in the price if there is difference.
Difference of price in the design (payment úncio)
Difference of price in the hosting and command (annual payment)
Difference in the form to administer the information.

Our opinion

Has more advantages the pages done with our agent of contents, to give example so much the web page of as  With our agent of contents the web design is much more economic and although it pay a bit more to the year by the hosting, any important change that in programming can spend us hours, with the agent of contents can do it your same in question and minutes.
We follow working in a system of easy own contents to use and in constant evolution.
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