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Your web page in 5 steps  
It creates your web page in so only some steps.

Choose a command free

A command free when hiring the Pack WEB

We help you to choose the best name of command for your company, the price is of 0 € for the commands hired with our Pack WEB, for the rest of accommodations the price is the following:
It requests your Pack Web with the command chosen
To request your Pack WEB contacts with us and once decide you by the name of command, register it to your name and will leave it to you prepared so that it aim to your hosting, from this moment already will have active your web page with your own posts, and the signpost of administration prepared to go up the information to your web, if you need more than a command have the possibility to register them and by means of  management of dns redirect them  to the main command without need to hire more accommodations, so alone paying the price of the command.
Management DNS
The service DNS is the bridge among your command and the accommodation. With the command includes the complete management of the DNS. It will be able to redirect the requests that receive his command to where wish, redirecciones web or also redirecciones of email:
Redirecciones Web and CNAME: it redirects the requests web of your command to the IP or the command that wish.
Redirecciones Web for the subdomains: creea so many subdomains as you want to and configures each one independently.
Redirecciones Email: it aims the posts that arrive to your command individually or in group (catch-all). For example you will be able to redirect the posts that arrive to to
Alias of command, your web will see of the same way with several commands, even the accounts of post worked of the same way with several names of command.
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