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The commitment in sinycon Gifts  

Quality of service in advertising articles


We advise him in the best advertising gifts and promotional gifts for his company. Catchwords and advertising articles. We are leaders in merchandising for marketing of business loyalty.
Indicate us the details of the promotional action that wishes to effect and the sector to the that belongs his company and advise him on the specific articles newer, practical and impactantes for this action inside the estimate that unit indicate us, always there is an article related with his activity.



We mark his logotype in all the products of our catalogues.
The service of personalización of our advertising articles is fast and garantido, have of personnel qualified and skilled workshops in: serigrafía, estamping, plotter, tampografia, flexografía, embroidery, tissue jaqcard, recorded laser, pantografía, and sublimation . Adapting to the recorded more ideal  according to his logotype and the product chosen.
We do a virtual sample with his logotipio to the moment to confirm his request, and once approved, do a strict follow-up and control of quality .


Politics of prices

We are leaders in promotional gift and merchandising of all type, and being importing direct our prices are highly competitive, although it is very difficult to compare prices by the big atomisation of marks and models, no always are comparing identical products, can ensure that to equal quality, mark, termination, grammage, etc.. We can equalise or improve any offer of the market.
We are official distributors of all the line of products Makito, being able to offer the most competitive prices of the market for all the advertising articles Makito.


Delivery and carry

We are conscious of the importance in handing to time a promotional material, and guarantee the strict fulfillment of the terms of delivery. For being strategically situated in the vicinities of the majority of the terminals of transport, mail and courier can send in 24 hs to any country of Europe.  Our politics of carry for the details and specifications of each request includes delivery without charge in any part of Spain, France or Portugal except islands, from 401 € of purchase.
Politics of samples: the samples requested always are without charge and to carry owed.
Sinycon Group · Inicio
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