Of the union of four skilled companies is born... Sinycon Group
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Oferta pulseras de silicona con USB de 8Gb Reclam Station
SinyCon Grup Is born of the union of four skilled companies in the four basic pillars necessary to cover the promotional and advertising actions of any company or trade.

We offer services for companies of a direct form and without intermediaries. Read more

SinyCon Grup · Without intermediaries and With professionals

Sinycon Gift · Reclam Station, Merchandise Support

In Sinycon Gift, Reclam Station, offer services and products related with the merchandising, the promotional gifts and the advertising.
We are a squad with wide experience in the world-wide market of the communication through the object and have of a wide catalogue of import and manufacture with more than 6000 references to help him to find the most adapted article for his promotional actions and of image of mark.
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